Image 1
Here it is! the famous Albert Dock, Liverpool. I love historical places. This is one of my favorite pictures and I love that natural effect - Reflection!
Image 2
This old-times building facing a canal is another amazing landmark and one of the most amusing one present in Liverpool right now.
Image 3
I love kids. I tried to make her laugh but ended up with that cute smile only. I think shes looking beautiful and her smile is full of expressions
Image 4
Nature is one of my favorite subjects. Each time when I went out of the city I shoot nature and try to feel it. This photo is looking simple - however there is a complete philosophy in it.
Image 5
Another close-up, inspired by the nature.

3 Things I love about the UK


The United Kingdom is a home to millions of people who come from different races, creeds and religions. This country near missed a complete devastation of world War II and survived. Its survival I believe is not as much inspiring as its rebuilding. Today`s UK is one of the most powerful countries, business, technology, research and educational hub. Thousands of patriots sacrificed their life to build this country an amazing one. Let me describe a few of UK`s best features

1)    A Country of Warmhearted People

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3 Things I love About Photography


My love with the photography has grown with my age I believe. I remember, my father bought me a camera that was the best at that time, but it was nowhere near to the cheapest digital camera available today. The technology has transformed everything we used to do, and photography is one out of these. Today, I have decided to share my views with you about, what I call are my life, my hobby, and my favorite pastime – it’s photography! So, let me move ahead and tell you about the things which make me believe that there is no other activity better than this one.

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4 Things I love About Liverpool


Liverpool is one of the finest cities in the world, in fact for me; it is the best one. I have been living here since my childhood and don’t have any plans for moving elsewhere. There are several elements in this city which make it a perfect one to live for people like me and others as well. Let me describe three such elements.

1)    The great combination

Liverpool is a modern city by any standard and yet the involvement, and preservation of natural touch here is evident. This quality is something that we cannot find in many other cities. Here, you will find crazy traffic but tremendous views as well. In my opinion, keeping yourself close to nature is imperative for relaxing and calming your body and mind down.

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